Caring for Patients

“Meals for Health” One-Month Intervention Program

As Medical Director, Dr. Forrester provided the clinical care for both “Meals for Health” Programs. “Meals for Health” was a collaborative effort of:

  • EarthSave
  • Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services (2011)
  • Progressive Missionary Baptist Church of Berkeley (2013)

The collaboration resulted in dramatic results for the 20 participants who completed the program: Improved quality of life, fewer medicines, lower medical costs and an average weight loss of 17 pounds. Hear from 5 participants and learn how these results were achieved…


Curing United States “Healthcare”
McDougall Advanced Study Weekend March 2013

Dr. Forrester presenting Curing United States 'Healthcare' at the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend March 2013
Dr. Forrester presents compelling presentations for groups, organizations and communities.

Learn more about his presentations for lay audiences, front line health care professionals, medical leaders and quality improvement leaders.


Creating a Sustainable, High Performing Clinical Team

  • Initial investment: $125,000
  • Annualized profits: $1.25 million/year
  • Cost per visit reduced from $62 to $42
  • Improved staff and provider satisfaction
  • Eliminated consultation backlog
  • Patient satisfaction scores from average to best in organization

Learn how a Kaiser Permanente Ophthalmology Department obtained these amazing results…