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Getting Started

Keeping Current

  • Subscribe to for thrice weekly video’s and twice weekly blog entrees. Dr. Michael Greger who has been reviewing all peer reviewed scientific studies on human nutrition for over 10 years founded it. The website contains over 1600 short videos providing science based guidance on what we should eat. He posts a new video three days each week. Below each video he lists the full reference and is linked to the abstract or article if free. Going to Browse all topics will provide the answers to most of your questions. If not people can submit questions to be answered by a skilled volunteer support team. The link is:
  • John McDougall has over forty years of experience in the effects of proper diet on health and disease. His website is a terrific source for those who want to avoid medications, medical procedures, and clinic visits. From 2002 to 2018 his monthly newsletters have covered most topics on nutrition and medical treatments. His “StarMcDougallers” provide inspirational examples of what is possible by eating the correct diet. The website also has many free video’s and interviews. The website link:

Specific Conditions

I recommend the following books for most of my patients who are interested in information about specific conditions:

Arterial Disease:

Autoimmune Disorders:


Dementia including Alzheimer’s:


High Blood Pressure:

Kidney Disease:

Mental Health:

Obesity and Weight Loss:



Still Not Feeling Healthy:

  • Have you been on a plant-based diet for some time and are still not feeling well? As you work with your health care professional you might benefit from reading The Sick Vegan (October 2002 Newsletter) by Dr. John McDougall
  • Many conditions that present to health care professionals don’t lend themselves to a diagnosis even after appropriate examination and testing. Many conditions even when diagnosed are difficult to treat or require treatments that cause side effects. As you work with your health care professional you might benefit from reading Dr. McDougall’s article Diet for the Desperate (December 2002 Newsletter) and then discuss his recommended approaches with your health care provider(s).

Diet and Nutrition

The best path to health (e.g. avoiding disability, minimizing drugs and procedures) is a proper Whole Food plant based diet with adequate Vitamin B-12 intake. The resources I routinely recommend to persons interested in getting started on a plant based diet are two pamphlets available for free download on Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s website:

Also free from PCRM is their PCRM’S 21-Day Kickstart Program. This free web-based program is available the first of each month at Choose from programs available in variety of languages and tailored for specific cultures (i.e. English, Spanish, Mandarin, Indian and Japanese).

If you want to understand the details concerning adequate Vitamin B-12 intake see the February 2012 series of video’s on Begin with the February 3rd video, Vitamin B12 Recommendation Change, and use next video link to view the next three videos concerning the safest, cheapest and daily sources of Vitamin B12.

Are you still buying food with labels and need an easy system to sort through the confusion and misinformation?

Worried about getting enough of the right type of protein? The best articles relating to that question are three articles written by Dr. John McDougall and published in his monthly newsletter:

Are you having trouble getting certain foods such as meat, sugar or dairy out of your diet? A good book is Neal Barnard’s book,