My presentations are tailored to meet the needs of the individual attendees
and the sponsoring organization.

I couple my experience as a clinician and innovator with relevant scientific studies designed to motivate individuals to change their beliefs and behaviors. However, achieving dramatic improvement in both patient care and the performance of organizations requires additional concepts developed outside the medical industry. I combine key concepts from management, quality improvement, natural capitalism, and levering change in complex systems with the best clinical science in primary and secondary prevention. I view each presentation as a “prescription” for each attendee to achieve dramatic improvement in their personal and professional lives.

Depending on the needs of the sponsoring organization my presentations can be given as a single presentation, a series or seminar.

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A Partial List of Presentation Topics by Audience:

For the General Public

I provide information for individuals who wish to avoid chronic disease and disability while minimizing medications and avoiding procedures. The chalkboard talks work well in classroom setting (e.g. high school, colleges).

Moving Upstream: The Prevention Prescription

(San Francisco Veg Club: 2011, 2013)

Avoiding Chronic Disease and Disability

(San Francisco Veg Festival: 2013)

Actions for Personal Health and Wellness Series

(Series of 5 Presentations at Folsom Physical Therapy and Training Center 2013)

Chalkboard Presentations

(Sacramento City College, Globe Mills Senior Project: 2013)

Knowledge Solves the Omnivores Dilemma

(Consumnes River College: 2014)

Avoiding Chronic Disease and Disability with a Plant-based, Whole Food Diet

(Sacramento State Renaissance Society: 2014)

CME Presentations for Quality Improvement Programs

My presentations demonstrate the power of quality improvement techniques when wedded with the relevant sustainability principles and the best science in primary and secondary prevention.

Building a Foundation For Breakthrough Improvement in Outpatient Teams

Mini-ATP Program Intermountain Healthcare (2008)

Primary and Secondary Prevention & Quality Improvement

ATP Program Intermountain Healthcare (2014)

For Human Resource Leaders

Controlling Medical Costs in Employees: Seizing the Initiative vs Waiting for the Medical Industry

CME Presentations for Health Care Professionals

General Medical Staff

These presentations are designed to appeal to all specialties. Beyond useful concepts for the care of patients with chronic disease, I provide information to improve attendee’s health. Given as a series they reinforce the attendee’s knowledge in the primary and secondary prevention of chronic conditions.


Kaiser Permanente Sacramento (2011), Richmond (2012), Sutter Mills Valley Peninsula (2014)

Arterial Disease

Kaiser Permanente Sacramento (2011), Richmond (2012)

Primary Care Departments

These presentations are geared to the practical aspects of prescribing for the prevention and reversal of chronic conditions.

Adult Medicine

Kaiser Permanente Sacramento(2008, 09, 10, 11, 12)


Kaiser Permanente Sacramento(2009)

For Health Care Leaders

My presentation(s) demonstrate the power of leadership and proper when welded with the best primary and secondary prevention. Whether fee for service or prepaid or hospital or clinic based my presentations are tailored to Presentation(s) demonstrating the power of quality improvement techniques when wedded with the relevant sustainability principles and the best in primary and secondary science.

Curing US Health Care

McDougall Advanced Study Weekend (2013)
Watch the video

Better Care, Lower Cost, Better Service

3rd Annual World Congress on Prevention and Wellness(2013)

Reversing the Tragedy of American Health Care

Los Angeles Healthy Lifestyle Expos(2011)
Watch the video

Community-wide Interventions to Cure Disease

Los Angeles Healthy Lifestyle Expos(2013)

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